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Just Published:  Post-mortem on Corpus Anorectous 
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Digital matt photo prints
42.0 cm x 59.4 cm each

A continuation of previous explorations, this work subsumes the internet and sociality in contrast to physical space itself; in this sense, opposed to the flaneur going through the urban environment. Instead, hyper-arousal emerges, built up on layers upon layers. As external stimuli and singular subjectivities collide. An implosion of self occurs - where the voice within the work drops deeper into mind and body.
This series is very much 
Interested in what happens when pain and suffering come into the equation, when the mediating affect of discomfort impresses itself on the embodied experience. Elaine Scarry has commented on how objects, spaces, rooms etc... become extensions of one’s own body and perceptions. This series of collage/concrete poetry certainly operate with this in mind.

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