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Just Published:  Post-mortem on Corpus Anorectous 
Corpus Anorectous
UV-prints on aluminium, 3D-prints in plastic & polished carbon/black nylon, digital photo print, newspaper
Dimensions variable

Informed by first-hand experience, Corpus Anorectous (roughly coming to mean ‘a body without appetite’) explores and remembers lived experiences of trauma, where autobiographical fiction, uncreative writing and stream of consciousness prose collide in an attempt to make sense of private histories, feelings and sensations.

Disease is investigated ontologically through its mediatory affective power on the embodied experience within a digitally hyper-mediated world, in an attempt to make their effects clear or visible. Employing a collage based practice, Storey makes use of the ‘open-source’ digital collective. Appropriating found imagery as well as royalty-free and Creative Commons licensed digital models as visual and conceptual stand-ins for the text; as part of the act of remembrance. Remembrance of a time mired by malady.

The installation and its respective text piece in essence attempted to question the nature of reality, subjectivity and the self within the traumatic past/present.

The writing is explicit and of a sexual nature. Please do not read if you are sensitive or below the age of 18.

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